BORDERLAND is an opera at its earliest stage. Join us at Roulette May 25th for the first public airing of this new work, which was written, composed, and arranged by Natalie Elizabeth Weiss for string quartet, percussion, electronics and ten vocalists. Merging the harmonic tension of contemporary classical music, the delicious ring of musical theater voices and an other-worldly blend of electronics and texture, BORDERLAND uses dichotomous sound and historical fact to tell the story of an eccentric woman’s quest for reproductive autonomy and personal freedom.  


String arrangements will be performed by The Rhythm Method: a critically acclaimed all-female ensemble that reimagines the string quartet in a contemporary feminist context. Percussion will be performed by Shayna Dunklemen, who is known for her versatile and unique techniques, and use of electronics to access a sonic pallet not found in acoustic percussion.  Composer Natalie Elizabeth Weiss will perform as the heroine Ida C. Craddock. In addition to singing, she will manipulate electronic textures using her signature Roland SP404 sampler. The vocalists include Ryan Andes (Broadway’s Big Fish) who will play the notorious “vice suppressor” Anthony Comstock and Robin Parrish (HBO’s Gossip Girl) who will play Ida Craddock’s narcissistic mother.